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Microsoft brings instant chat to TV screen,

through games

  Microsoft planned to announce today that it will make its Windows Live Messenger service available on its Xbox 360 game consoles, bringing instant messaging from the computer to the television.
  The move was meant to help Microsoft stay ahead of Sony, its chief rival in the electronic games business, in delivering the richest online experience for game players. It is also an element of Microsofts overall strategy to connect people across PCs, televisions and mobile devices like cellphones.
  More than 200 million people use Windows Live Messenger to chat with friends, family members and colleagues. Separately, more than six million Xbox 360 owners are connected to the companys Xbox Live online community, an enhancement that lets people with broadband Internet connections communicate with one another.
  In the second week of May, those two worlds will begin to converge. Xbox Live members will be able to link their gamertag ,the online identity they use within the Xbox community, to an existing Windows Live Messenger account. Players will then be able to chat with their instantmessaging contacts using a virtual onscreen keyboard or a USB keyboard plugged into the game machine.
  Microsoft executives said they hoped to offer voice chat between Xbox and Live Messenger users later this year.
  We feel this is a huge step in driving social networking further into the family room by allowing Xbox 360 users to IM directly from their couch, said John Rodman, Microsofts group manager for the Xbox 360, in a telephone interview last week. Now you dont have to manage two separate groups of friends online.
Microsoft and Sony are battling to dominate the high end of the console gaming market. (Nintendo, by contrast, is appealing largely to families and more budgetconscious players.) In years past, game consoles stood out from one another mostly by their game offerings. But now it appears that top game publishers like Electronic Arts will release most of their biggest games for both the Xbox 360 and Sonys PlayStation 3.
  As a result, Microsoft and Sony are attempting to differentiate their game machines with other features, like film playback capabilities and online services.
Microsoft has been ahead of Sony in online console gameplaying, but last month Sony announced that it was developing a new Internet service called PlayStation Home that could surpass some elements of Xbox Live. The instantmessaging feature appears to be one part of Microsofts response.
  [真题例句] Coupled with the growing quantity of information is the development of technologies which enable the storage and delivery of more information with greater speed to more locations than has ever been possible before.[1995年阅读3]
  [例句精译] 伴随着信息量的不断增长是技术的发展,这些技术使得人们能够比过去以更快的速度向更多的地方储存和发送更多的信息,这在以前是不可能的。
  n.增进, 增加
  v.聚合, 集中于一点vt.会聚
  n.①账(目,户);②叙述,说明;③价值,地位;v.(for)①说明,解释;②占;③(take into~)考虑;顾及
  [真题例句] (71) Actually, it isnt, because it assumes that there is an agreed account (n.②) of human rights, which is something the world does not have.[1997年翻译]
  [例句精译] (71)事实并非如此,因为这种问法是以人们对人的权利有共识为基础的,而这种共同认识并不存在。
  [真题例句] Is it true that the American intellectual is rejected and considered of no account (n.③) in his society? [2006年翻译]
  [例句精译] 是否美国的知识分子在社会中真的被排斥并被认为毫不重要?
  [真题例句] Kitcher is a philosopher, and this may account (v.①), in part, for the clarity and effectiveness of his arguments.[1996年阅读5]
  [例句精译] 肯切尔是位哲学家,这也许能部分说明他的理论为何明确而有说服力。
  [真题例句] Multinational corporations accounted (v.②) for less than 20% of international trade in 1982.Today the figure is more than 25% and growing rapidly.[2001年阅读4]
  [例句精译] 跨国公司在1982年只占国际贸易不到20%的份额。而现在,这个数字上升到25%,并且还在迅速上升。
  [真题例句] Dr. Myers and Dr. Worm argue that their work gives a correct baseline, which future management efforts must take into account (v.③).[2006年阅读3]
  [例句精译] Myers博士和 Worm博士认为他们的研究给出了正确的基准线,今后的管理工作必须要把这一基准线考虑在内。
  [真题例句] We know that, the men from the budget (n.) office have said, but what do you think? Is it worthwhile going on? What do you think we might expect?[1999年阅读5]
  [例句精译] 预算部门的人说:这点我们知道,但你的意见如何?你觉得值得做下去吗?你觉得我们可以期待什么呢?
  [真题例句] (24:Because) they are adjusting to their new bodies and a whole host of new intellectual and emotional challenges, teenagers are especially selfconscious and need the (25:confidence) that comes from achieving success and knowing that their accomplishments are (26:admired) by others.[2003年完形]
  (26) [A] claimed[B] admired [C] ignored [D] surpassed
  [例句精译] 因为青少年需要调整和适应身体上、智能上和情感上所面临的许多挑战,所以,他们的自我意识很强,他们需要培养能获取成功的,以及能让他人羡慕成就的自信心。
  (26) [A] 声称[B] 敬佩[C] 忽视[D] 超过
  Little Tips:


  此举措寓意在于帮助微软领先索尼--这个在电子游戏商业领域主要的竞争对手--带给游戏玩家最丰富的在线体验。这也是微软公司将通过个人电脑、电视、移动设备如手机把人们联系起来的整体战略的一个方面。全球有两亿多人使用windows的即时通和朋友、家人、还有同事聊天。另外,还有6百多万Xbox游戏机的拥有者和公司的Xbox Live在线社区连接起来,这又促使拥有宽带连接的用户通过网络彼此交流。
  从5月的第二个星期开始,Windows 即时通和Xbox Live在线社区将合并在一起,Xbox Live的用户可以把他们的玩家代号和他们现有的Windows 即时通帐号连接起来。这样,游戏玩家就可以通过虚拟的屏幕键盘或者是插入游戏机的USB键盘随意的聊天了。
  微软的Xbox360小组经理John Rodman在上一周的电话采访中表示:我们认为通过使Xbox360的玩家们躺在自家的沙发上就能获得I.M.(即时通信)服务,我们把社会网络更进一步的带入家庭,现在,你完全不必在线管理两组分开的朋友,而可以把他们合并到一起。微软和索尼为占领游戏市场的最高控制终端展开了激战。在过去的几年中,游戏的控制台程序大部分都是由生产商提供的。但是,现在,似乎像Electronic Arts这样的顶级游戏发行商把大部分的大游戏的控制台程序让渡给了Xbox360和索尼PlayStation3自己做。
  因此,微软和索尼都在尝试着赋予他们的游戏机与众不同的特色,诸如,电影回放功能以及种种在线服务。微软已经在在线玩游戏的控制台程序上先索尼一步,但是,上个月,索尼宣布他们已经发布一种叫做PlayStation Home的新的Internet服务,此项服务能在某些功能上超过Xbox Live。即时通服务似乎是微软对此举动作出回应的一部分。


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